Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two and a Half Questions with Marsen Jules

Tell us about your label...
OKTAF is a new label for authentic music in the field of ambient, avantgarde classic and modern jazz. It´s a place for my own music as well as cooperations with other musicians and special compilation projects. Aside from the release of CDs we also have the "OKTAF SKETCHES" series with exclusive tracks for free download (the first one can be found here: http://oktaf.de/sketches.html).

Where does the name Oktaf come from?
Some years ago me and a friend (Digitalverein) were thinking about an own label. On the way to a concert we were discussing possible names and OKTAF was one which came up. I liked it, because it´s pretty close to the German word for octave, but it´s also completely different.

What was the driving force behind re-mastering your past releases?
For me they are important parts of my work, even if the original albums have just been released as mp3s. I took a long time working on these re-releases. It´s not only remastered versions, I also took a couple of nights and a lot of good red wine to rework every single sound of the tracks.

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