Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two and a Half Questions with TU M'

First of all, I have to ask about your moniker, TU M', which is named after a Duchamp's painting. What is the association, if not fascination, with Marcel Duchamp?
Tu m' is a painting whose complexity and mystery has always fascinated us. In 1998 we were struck by that grouping of real and symbolic elements, the idea of the realization “of a painting of cast shadows”, in an ambiguity of shapes and contents. Like that apostrophe in the end of the name, for example, which was put there to indicate an incompleteness which only the spectator/listener can fill up. A silent collaboration between author and spectator where, in the best of cases, the roles are swapped.

Describe the process of the live audio performance and its connection to the video. What software/hardware do you use to sync up the two?
We are not interested in the synchronization of two or more types of media, for example, an immediate reaction between cause and effect; but, rather, the juxtapositions of two elements and their possible resonances. In TU M' we have this idea of the duo/double which has accompanied us for years: the two identities, the two laptops, the horizon line, the analogue and the digital, audio and video etc. Elements that when brought together, project a third shape, a vibrant shadow.

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