Sunday, March 21, 2010

Label Profile : Home Normal

Interview with Ian Hawgood, owner of Home Normal by Headphone Commute

Hey Ian… How are you today, and what did you do this past weekend?
Hi. Yeah, really great thanks. This past weekend I finished mastering some work by some Japanese artists plus the latest Jasper TX work, sent out some shop orders, listened to about 7 demos, bought a bunch of used stuff for my new apartment with my girlfriend, we then walked across north Tokyo twice with shelving in light snow. Sunday we were exhausted so lay in until 2pm, had sushi, bought a coffee table, had an izakaya dinner and drank too much sake, went home, compiled some photography and did a little bit of design work. It was a pretty great weekend.

Tell us how you got involved in music.
Not sure really. I mean, my family is a musical one. I grew up with a guitar, organ, piano, violin, saw and lovely radios and an old record player so I guess that’s how. I was sort of forced into playing piano aged 4 but hated it as I had some hearing problems… but something stuck for sure. I guess that’s how initially at least.

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