Monday, February 22, 2010

Headphone Commute Podcast

Since I started publishing free mixes on Headphone Commute, I guess it was only a matter of time before they got turned into a podcast. So what's the difference? Not much really. A podcast is an enhanced delivery method of our music directly into your digital players. Throw the URL listed below into your iTunes, and every time another mix is published, it will just show up in your library! Pretty neat, eh?
[ for iTunes - Menu : Advanced : Subscribe to Podcast...]

Headphone Commute Podcast

So act now, and don't delay! Click, copy, and paste, and we'll deliver our favorite selections right into your headphones! Maybe if you guys dig this new feature, our Podcasts will include occasional audio interviews, live shows, and special reviews. The "Mixes" section will continue to stay as is, with free mixes created by and exclusively for Headphone Commute, available for streaming and downloading. You'll still need to visit the site if you want to get the full track listing ;)

Over and out.

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