Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two and a Half Questions with Beta Cloud

What was your inspiration behind the concept of the album?
the concept came to me one particular summers' eve; i was walking my dog and i had a lot of heavy shit on my mind. i stood there for a minute looking up to the sky as my dog was sniffing for rabbits in the park... i then peered the blue gaze of the moon staring back at me and thought, "every person in this world has looked up at you. you were here before me and my life, and you'll be here long after i'm gone. and after all this around me is gone."it made me feel so small; yet it put my place in the world in context. i was just a person; just like every other person in the world. with the same problems that all humans have. and all of a sudden i didn't feel so alone after all; it just seemed so comforting to me. so i thought i'd compose a short study about it; a monograph.

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