Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pleq – My Life Begins Today (U-Cover CDr Limited)

Dedicated to all the people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, Warsaw (Poland) based electronic music producer, Bartosz Dziadosz, releases his new album, My Life Begins Today as Pleq. The album hits my rotations out of nowhere, as it slowly lands on my desk, gracefully falling like the last leaf from the music tree of the year. Completely unexpected, and regretfully previously unknown to me, Dziadosz delivers twelve intricately produced tracks, painted with longing and nostalgia. Released on the Belgian electronic label U-Cover CDr Limited (a sub-label of U-Cover), Pleq blends elements of glitch, IDM, and experimental electronica with a touch of modern classical and atmospheric ambiance to create a well balanced and gentle album. With a helpful hand from his friends, Aki Tomita, Eleni Adamopoulou and Jordan Sauer, the album ties a few sad and melancholic moments, with those of celebration of new beginnings, as the title, My Life Begins Today, suggests. Lo-fi piano chords, clicking edits and cut-ups, hissing string pads, and glitchy IDM percussion tell a story of long past relationships, longing for a structured life, and a feeling of being lost in this confusing world. The theme of multiple sclerosis suffering is further established with the titles, such as "The Journey To Pessimism", "My Little Story About My Love", "The Story About Melancholy Man", and my favorite title, "You Were Wearing Blue While Running Away From Your Life". And the music reflects the same... Pleq's previous releases include a handful of albums and digital EPs, scattered across a variety of labels, like Basses Frequences (France), Impulsive Art (Greece) mAtter (Japan), Envizagae (Germany), Databloem (The Netherlands), and others. Although he can't seem to settle on a specific collective, his music has been noticed and remixed by personal favorites in the scene, offthesky, Tapage and Nebulo. Seems to me like the next obvious place for Pleq is Tympanik Audio. Meanwhile, if you're not familiar with U-Cover, be sure to check out the label's past releases from Quench, Lusine ICL, Tim Koch, Kettel, and Lackluster. There's also Ontayso's box set, Project 24 Hours - 24 CDs of field recordings, recorded in one day at Geel in Belgium. Talk about one long Sound Postcard! Visit Pleq's Myspace to hear many of his free releases and get a taste of his sound...

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