Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two and a Half Questions with Library Tapes

Where does the title of the album, "Like Green Grass Against A Blue Sky" come from?
i've been having the title for a few years now. i can't really remember exactly when but i saw a great photo somewhere of a field of green grass against a blue sky and yeah, there you go. nothing more exciting than that i'm afraid.

Tell us a bit about your label, Auetic... What does that name mean?
like most of the songs i make, auetic can mean anything you want. i like to leave most things open for interpretation.

How is the sound of Library Tapes different from the work you release under your real name and Murralin Lane?
most of the times it's not really the sound of the album that decides what moniker it should be released under. when making a library tapes album i make sure i have the last say in what goes on the album even if there's other people contributing to it. with my own name i make everything on my own and with other collaborative projects the one i work with have just as much right to make decisions about what makes it on to the album and stuff like that.

How did you became acquainted with Danny Norbury and what prompted yet another contribution of his to this album?
i know it was through myspace but i can't remember who actually made the add. i think it was me that wrote the first message saying i really liked his music and that i was looking for some strings for a few tracks on "sketches" or something like that.

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