Monday, August 31, 2009

Arrhythmia Sound - Favourite Ambient

Following the success of the mixes appearing on Headphone Commute we decided to switch it up a bit, and invite a fellow music journalist for a showcase of his favorite tracks. This next installment includes a selection of ambient pieces (some of which are my favorite as well, may I add) from Dmitry Misharov of a Russian site, Arrhythmia Sound ( Dmitry writes about his favorite electronic music from a distant city of Abakan, capital of Republic of Khakassia, Russian Federation, in South Siberia (google map)!!! If it wasn't for the internet, not only would you not be able to hear this, but I doubt that Dmitry would be exposed to this music. And its reach is pretty far. Incredible, don't you think? I am proud to welcome Dmitry for this exclusive mix he made for Headphone Commute. I am sure we'll see more of his contributions in the future. Enjoy.

Download free mix, and see full track listing only on Headphone Commute

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